Tips For Finding An Accurate Psychic

When delving into the world of the occult, it is important to know if you are dealing with a real psychic or a fraud. This can be harder than you can imagine and can make your hunt for an honest and accurate psychic nearly impossible. It’s almost as if you need psychic powers to know if the person you are working with is feeding you bull, or telling you the truth.

Now we have all seen the late night TV commercials for various psychic services, they range from the basic toll free lines, to the TV shows in which a person claims to have clairvoyance and the ability to communicate with the dead. So who is more accurate? The 1-900 toll free psychic or the TV necromancer? The truth is neither.

The trick with picking an accurate psychic doesn’t center on their ability to get on television or land a gig as a TV talk show host. The trick in picking a true psychic rests with the ability to smell BS when confronted with a load of it. For example do you honestly believe that if a person had the ability to read minds or see into the future that they would be working in a call center at 2AM in the morning, or for that matter hosting a late night TV talk show that only 100 or so people watch?

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“Well how did they know my mom just died, or how did they know that I just got a divorce?”

The answer to that is simple and it’s called Lexus Nexus, and when you give a phone psychic your name and credit card information they run a background check on you. When they run the background check they pull up everything about you in Lexus Nexus, it takes about five minutes tops for one of these searches to go through. The TV talk shows use the same process as the 1-900 numbers do.

Basically everyone that is admitted into the studio audience has to sign a release form, you know in the event you get on TV. Once you hand over the release form the Producer logs into Lexus Nexus and begins looking people up. When the host goes out into the audience and begins “reading” people he has an ear mic and is guided by the voice of his or her producer, and not the voice of a spirit guide.

So you need to exercise caution when looking for an accurate psychic because given the level of technology we have today, it’s very easy for a scam artist to look like the real deal. Never pay up front with a credit card or provide the psychic with your real name or any other personal information. If they are truly a real psychic then they won’t need to know your real name, and should have no problems accepting cash over plastic.

Come to think of it, a real psychic should know that you have given a false name in the first place.

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