Gold IRA Companies Help Protect Your Portfolio

gold bullionPutting money into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is one way to effectively plan for your golden years. Then again, simply putting money into an IRA account is not an automatically “effective” strategy. An IRA that draws its value from stock investments is going to suffer when the market drops. Although the stock market has shown booms at times, seriously drops have also been common. This is true even when the market is supposedly doing extremely well. Just look at China’s recent foibles.

China’s Troubles

The Chinese stock market lost upwards of 35% of its value in an extremely short period of time. The market had been over-valued and suffered a massive crash. While such major occurrences are rare, they do happen. A major crash is not all that is required for people’s investments to suffer ill effects. Losing 10% of one’s portfolio could have dire consequences. An IRA that loses a significant amount of its worth is not going to be of much benefit to someone who is relying upon its value.

Gold as a Hedge

This is why the best gold IRA companies are worth looking a bit closer at. Gold’s value has its ups and downs as well, but gold is often in demand when markets and currencies suffer losses. Gold and, to an extent, silver, provide hedges to currency and stock market woes. If the value of traditional stocks goes down, the rising price of gold could help a retiree avoid suffering fiscal losses. After all, this is the very nature of a hedge investment. Now, if the price of gold ends up skyrocketed, the overall value of the portfolio could increase beyond previous expectations.

No one can predict what the value of gold will be in the future. That said, we all do know gold has value and need in every nation on earth. Gold is never going to become “passe” from an intrinsic value perspective. For this reason alone, people planning for retirement should at least think about owning some gold.

The Ease of Investing

Putting gold into an IRA is not all that difficult. Working with the right precious metals IRA company is all you need to do in order to ensure your retirement account is diversified and protected from the market’s unpredictable troubles.

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What Types of Psychic Readings Can I Get?

There is a tendency to lump all attempts to gain knowledge through extra-sensory means as ‘psychic readings,’ but that isn’t helpful. Psychic readings actually break down into many different psychic abilities. Each practice has a different set of requirements and results. The following are some of the most popular practices a person might find.


Signs & PortentsVirtually everyone has heard of Tarot card reading. It crops up in popular depictions of fortune-tellers all the time. The more general term for telling the future through cards is cartomancy. It started in 14th century Europe, and many readers have been using a standard deck since the 18th century. In France, they use a piquet playing-card deck. Whether you use Tarot, standard, or piquet, the idea is the same. The reader picks cards out of the deck at random or in a particular pattern and interprets them based on the order that they were pulled and what they depict. People generally apply to the reader for personal questions.


Much older than cartomancy, and possibly as old as humanity, is astrology. This is the art of reading and interpreting the stars and the planets. The assumption is that anything in the sky reflects whatever is happening on Earth. Reading and interpreting the constellations and their positions is the basis of the horoscopes online and in newspapers. The interpretations are used to predict major historical events, personalities, and personal problems. People frequently come to astrologers about major decisions in their lives.


This particular type of fortune-telling is also extremely old. Possibly a little younger than astrology, but not by much. Cleromancy is the general term for divining the future by throwing objects and interpreting how the objects land. The Chinese were doing this centuries ago with ivory sticks, people in the Book of Leviticus and other parts of the bible cast lots, and the ancient Romans famously cast sortes. Tacitus, in his book Germania, describes Germanic tribes casting lots to tell the future. It has gone out of favor as far as world leaders who want guidance goes, but a few individuals still like it for personal decisions.


Address 33 : Presidio Heights, wood shingleThis one is also an older sort of divination method. Early mathematicians in the first century used a system called isopsephy to find meaning from adding up the values of words. Other forms of judging people and the future using numerology was popular in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Numerology is based on assigning occult meanings to numbers and then giving numerical values for such personal information as your birth date and name. These days, most numerologist use it to beef up their distance readings.

Distant Readings

These are fairly popular ways of getting advice on personal problems. A reader gets a letter, email, video chats, phone calls or something similar from a client.  A great resource for psychic readings is Psychics4Today.com –  The client asks questions and the reader tells the client whatever they think they sense about the problem or situation. The sense can be from a supernatural source or a traditional divining method.

These types are just some of the most popular varieties of psychic readings. There are many more. Clients should always investigate their options.

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Network Monitoring for Businesses

Whether your business is large or small, monitoring the internet usage activities of employees can cut down significantly on liabilities and increase productivity. This can result in greater profitability for businesses that properly implement a network monitoring system. This article will outline some of the advantages that can be obtained from investing in a network monitoring solution for your business.

Reduce the Risk of Malicious Network Usage

In today’s business world, giving employees unlimited access to the internet can allow them to engage in activities that are opposed to what your business stands for. For example, unmotivated employees could use the internet to view adult content or online gambling. Employees could even take advantage of the public WiFi network to carry out malicious activities while leaving your business to deal with the consequences. For these reasons, limiting the types of websites that employees use can reduce liabilities. Monitoring software should be used not only to block certain websites, but even certain ports that are frequently used to malicious programs.

Free Up Bandwidth

If employees aren’t given the right constraints, they can quickly begin to take advantage of the fast internet speeds found on many commercial internet connections. Resource-intensive programs like torrents, online video games, and online videos can consume all of a network’s resources. By monitoring a network, workstations that are using unusually-high amounts of bandwidth can be investigated. This means that actions can then be taken to hold these internet users accountable for their actions and improve the productivity of an office.

Monitoring Social Media

Today, most employees use the internet outside of work for social activities. Most people communicate with friends and relatives through social media websites, online chat services, and online email services. While these are very beneficial in our personal lives, they can also reduce productivity at work. Limiting access to these services during working hours is a great way to increase productivity. Business owners can even use these platforms as a means to reward good behavior by offering limited access.

Networking Monitoring as a Deterrent

One of the best advantages of network monitoring is its ability for it to be used as a deterrent.  A network monitoring company is a viable solution to this problem.  Since employees and network users have no way of knowing the exact ways that network monitoring is carried out, they will often be afraid to engage in malicious activity. By keeping the nature of monitoring ambiguous, business owners can cut down on the time required to check-up on employees that might be misappropriating company time. This means better productivity and reduced risks can result from effective use of network monitoring.

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Tips For Finding An Accurate Psychic

When delving into the world of the occult, it is important to know if you are dealing with a real psychic or a fraud. This can be harder than you can imagine and can make your hunt for an honest and accurate psychic nearly impossible. It’s almost as if you need psychic powers to know if the person you are working with is feeding you bull, or telling you the truth.

Now we have all seen the late night TV commercials for various psychic services, they range from the basic toll free lines, to the TV shows in which a person claims to have clairvoyance and the ability to communicate with the dead. So who is more accurate? The 1-900 toll free psychic or the TV necromancer? The truth is neither.

The trick with picking an accurate psychic doesn’t center on their ability to get on television or land a gig as a TV talk show host. The trick in picking a true psychic rests with the ability to smell BS when confronted with a load of it. For example do you honestly believe that if a person had the ability to read minds or see into the future that they would be working in a call center at 2AM in the morning, or for that matter hosting a late night TV talk show that only 100 or so people watch?

psychic readings

“Well how did they know my mom just died, or how did they know that I just got a divorce?”

The answer to that is simple and it’s called Lexus Nexus, and when you give a phone psychic your name and credit card information they run a background check on you. When they run the background check they pull up everything about you in Lexus Nexus, it takes about five minutes tops for one of these searches to go through. The TV talk shows use the same process as the 1-900 numbers do.

Basically everyone that is admitted into the studio audience has to sign a release form, you know in the event you get on TV. Once you hand over the release form the Producer logs into Lexus Nexus and begins looking people up. When the host goes out into the audience and begins “reading” people he has an ear mic and is guided by the voice of his or her producer, and not the voice of a spirit guide.

So you need to exercise caution when looking for an accurate psychic because given the level of technology we have today, it’s very easy for a scam artist to look like the real deal. Never pay up front with a credit card or provide the psychic with your real name or any other personal information. If they are truly a real psychic then they won’t need to know your real name, and should have no problems accepting cash over plastic.

Come to think of it, a real psychic should know that you have given a false name in the first place.

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